The broken teapot

The Broken Teapot
A pamphlet on the weakness of most current anarchist scenes when it comes to how to deal with how broken we all are in relationships

We all start life with our teapot intact and at some point a little crack starts and slowly grows, or maybe one day we slip and the whole thing just crashes to the floor. Those with intact teapots, they don’t know what its like to try and make tea with all the water leaking out. You can’t do it. The play of power that is ac-countability and how it currently (mal)functions in the anarchist ‘community’ has become a great fissure in my teapot. Its a big crack because I used to be very invested in it but it isn’t working any-more. When tea is made now, because of this crack and, of course a few others, all that happens is that steam comes out and people get burned.

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